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You Have to Visualize Your Desire to Attract Your Desire

By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS

When we are consistent in our Visualization, we can overcome fears and gain self-confidence. We can make our brain realize the unknown, control our fears and anxieties coming from negative thoughts and anticipate future events.

If we visualize future events with positive outcomes, we can train our brains to think it is a real event, and that it has already occurred. By doing this, we will be acquiring a new skill. The Visualization process will also improve our way of looking at things. This technique will help us to override old beliefs and myths.

Using Visualization in a deep meditative state, you will be able to reprogram yourself while visualizing your goals and desires.

So close your eyes and set an intention. Visualize what you want. Imagine the situation or future event you would like to work on. Be specific with details. Make sure you have a strong emotion aligned with your Visualization. Practice this technique as often as you can and you will see how your self-confidence, attitude and behavior will improve and align with your goals and desires.

Being consistent with your Visualization exercises will assist you in gaining self-confidence. This exercise will help your brain see a challenge, impossible idea or even fear as a comfortable moment.

Let’s say, that in a way, while we exercise Visualization, we are training our brain to see something that is negative with a positive outcome. This happens because we are treating the Visualization as if it has already happened. It is as if we are re-training our brain to convert a negative feeling into a positive outcome.

Overall, the Visualization of desires will also help us to be more positive in situations and challenges. While we exercise and implement Visualization techniques, we will discover that we can override beliefs and myths that we grew up with. Using this technique can assist you in achieving your goals and desires in a more organic and happier way.

Just start imagining and visualizing what you want. Start visualizing a specific situation that you would like to work on including as many specific details as possible. While you are doing it, use a strong intention with your emotions. Align yourself with your desires and you will see how everything will start changing such as your attitude and your behaviors and the way you see new challenges.

Understanding the Law of Attraction can assist you in this process. It can also help with your physical body.

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