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By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS

Throughout the book, you may find certain terminology that may resonate with you as well as diagnostic names that you may not have even considered to be part of what you are going through. On this journey, we will talk about descriptions of behaviors and syndromes so we can see if you identify with any of them. It is not my intention to diagnose who has what problem. I am also not saying that what is written in this book is the perfect way that certain issues should be approached. I am just sharing the experiences of my journey and the knowledge that I have gained and what has helped me to achieve peace and balance.

So, I was able to identify:

What is toxic and what is not

Who is toxic and who is not

What is Emotional Dependency

What is Emotional Independency

Throughout this book, we are going to briefly talk about emotional dependency, since I have already published a book on that subject. We will navigate various alternatives on what we can do to achieve emotional independency for a happier lifestyle.

I admit it’s not easy to talk about certain issues that you have experienced, especially when you have just finished working on them as part of a healing process. Emotions, obsessions, and honesty come into play, and the challenge begins when you recognize painful behaviors and situations that you are responsible for.....

Toxicity is a word that is used very often to label something or someone in our society. But, do you really know who is toxic? What is toxic? Is it Abuse? How can you identify what a toxic relationship is, or even if you are a toxic person?

Originally, this book was part of a previous book publication, ‘Freedom from Emotional Dependency, The Journey.’ I then decided that a separate book, with all this valuable information, needed to have its main spotlight, like a NARCISISTIC PERSON would like to have… This book will lead you to the true understanding on how a toxic relationship can really be stopped so you can achieve your freedom and the happiness that you deserved. While we discover the manipulative behaviors that occurs in toxic relationships, you will discover how to realign yourself with your true self. This book will guide you how to understand and deal with Narcissism, Self-Doubt, Gaslighting, And implement and the importance of Forgivness, Mindfulness and the use Law of Attraction among other metothologies. toxic relationship meaning leaving a toxic relationship

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