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Cutting Energetic Cords with Archangel Michael

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS

Did you know?

Cords of attachment are energetic ties which are created between two people, or between a person and an institution, object, or past situation which remains in the present. Energetic cords are attached to fear, worry, anger, or negative feelings.

Attachment cords keep old pain active. They tie you to past challenges, and keep old arguments and tensions alive and on repeat.

The good news is, cords can be cut, pulled out, and dissolved into the light of the divine.

These cords have a way of keeping those attached in a holding pattern, where the past challenges continue to repeat into the present.

The energy from the cord will vibrate and align with your past challenges and they repeat patterns that you'd be better off releasing and moving beyond.

When you cut and release a cord into the light, you're no longer energetically engaged with that pattern of negativity. You will feel immediately uplifted.

When you cut the cords between you and another, consciously or unconsciously, they will feel it too, and may even reach out and contact you.

If this is the case, establish boundaries, surround yourself with love and light and stand up for yourself so the cords don't just reattach themselves.

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