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Florida Assisted Living Medicaid Assistance in Florida?

Updated: Sep 18

By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS

Florida Assisted Living Medicaid Assistance in Florida?
Florida Assisted Living Medicaid Assistance in Florida?

Note that Florida Medicaid doesn’t directly finance Assisted Living Facilities. Nonetheless, there are many programs under Medicaid that do reimburse for personal care services received in an assisted living facility. Room and Board is not covered by Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Program.

The eligible Floridians may have their personal care services, such as assistance with activities of daily living, reimbursed under Florida’s Medicaid Long – Term Care Waiver program.

It’s imperative to note that ALL Florida residents aren’t entitled to receive funding from the Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Program, and the number of participants under this benefit program is limited – you may be put on a wait list and you MUST qualify financially and clinically to receive the benefits.

NOT everyone who qualifies will be able to take advantage of the funding provided due to limited funding.

AS I mention on my book :" Everything you Need to Ask When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility" Available on AMAZON.COM I explain more about financial assistance and what to ASK prior going to an Assisted living Facility Tour.

Let Placement Counselors Corp. assist you on your search and help you understand all the benefit programs available to you.

Call our local counselors near you to help you free of charge. Our counselors specialize in a specific area in South Florida.

Broward: (954) 965-2925 - Miami Dade: (305) 931-0618 -

Palm Beach: (561) 329-4337

You will be assigned to a counselor that knows your desired area. Give us a call and let one of our Counselors near you help you with your questions and concerns.


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