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Let's be Centered, Balanced & Successful NOW!

By Humberto Fortuna MA, MS

Always on the go and always taking care of business, family, work and so many other things while we forget how to take care of ourselves.

We forget that we not Superheroes that can do and accomplish everything exactly when we want to! So many factors can take us to a place of no pleasure or enjoyment. Our Ego and our lack of time for ourselves can lead us to dark moments or even to moments of depression and imbalance.

Balance and peace is my happiness and success and when I have these things, it allows me to fulfill my goals in a calm and comfortable manner.

Many of us are big dreamers, goal achievers and/or fighters for success and this can lead us to be more greedy, less humble and less grateful.

It is important to have a Coach, if you feel that you need support, who can assist you in these matters and help you achieve your goals, while understanding that the ultimate goal is to feel good and do things that will give you pleasure.

Sometimes we think that WORK or a JOB has to be unpleasant. Even if we like what we are doing, we still get that “Sunday night sinking feeling” knowing we have to go back to work on Monday morning. You don’t need to feel that way, nor do you need to even think that way. Remember, negative thoughts will bring negative outcomes. So, based on my experience, replace that bad feeling with something positive or something that will bring you pleasure throughout the day.

Corporations have very powerful individuals in positions that set the mood and energy for the corporation. The biggest problem with these professionals is their EGO! If these professionals have negative thoughts and negative approaches to their management, you can imagine what the outcome will be for the corporation. Many times people blame a corporation or business for its failure but in reality, it is the employers and managers who make or destroy a corporation. It is all about understanding how you want to lead and manage your employees and how you want to achieve your goals without the interference of EGO. Let’s be clear that EGO is very different from being confident in your product or your individual competence.

It is all about how you want to live your life and how enjoyable you want your work environment to be. YOU can manage your surroundings because YOU ARE POWER and you are part of Source!

Every individual has the power to change what does not give them pleasure. We come to this earth plane, not to suffer, but to learn and evolve. Managing your surroundings and negative people in your workplace can be managed as well as protecting yourself.

Feeling unbalanced is not productive for anyone. Having that unpleasant feeling, our anxiety level will rise. Many times, feelings of depression get in our way when we let our minds take over and we lose our spiritual balance. Once we balance ourselves, we can begin to see things more clearly and we’re able to proceed with our work without distortions.

With my experience as a Serial Entrepreneur with a holistic touch and knowledge, I can assist you and guide you with different types of alternative energy healing techniques or Law of Attraction, so you are able to manifest your desires.

Businessman, professionals or people with personal issues can benefit from these techniques. These techniques can provide you with more balance and give you enjoyable steps to follow while you are achieving and manifesting your desired goals.

It is not just the desire of wanting something that is going to lead you to manifest your desires.

While understanding that an intense desire can lead to manifestation, it is also important to remember that you have to be able to imagine and visualize that desire as part of the process. It is crucial to focus and believe in the process and in the steps you have to take. Everything will be connected with everything and you will enjoy the process with gratitude and affirmation that what you want is a part of your being and your desire.

Your physical body experiences your thoughts and when you feel good, you and everything you see looks better.

There are few things of greater value than the achievement of health and physical well-being. Not going does a good feeling body promote positive thoughts but positive thoughts promote a good feeling body. Imagination equals conceptualization.

I always say that being successful is not just being able to reach a is more than that. Being successful is being able to enjoy and learn from every step that is taken to reach a desired goal. For me personally it took many years of hard work and unhappy moments to be able to understand how to let my EGO and my traditional way of doing business go.

THIS IS YOUR TIME! And this is the moment for you to put yourself first and to remember that you are in this life to learn and evolve. You are not here to suffer. Even if you are in pain at times, you have to learn from it with gratitude and without losing your intense focus so you may achieve your goal of the ultimate state of peace, balance and pleasure.

I am just a BRIDGE OF ENERGY AND KNOWLEDGE...... and together, we can take steps forward toward the manifestation of your desires in your life or professional career. Let me guide you to be centered, balanced and successful!

To learn more about Humberto Fortuna, Serial Entrepreneur and my current services please visit: and you will find all the services that I have been and will continue to provide at: , ,

For more information, contact Humberto 954 961 5223 or at

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