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Leave Your Ego at the Door in Business?

Working with our Ego can be uncomfortable, challenging, trying and sometimes quite a struggle!

Most of the time, we think that our Ego is our friend. We take energy from our Ego but it is not always good energy. The reality is that our Ego can narrow the view of the clear and whole picture. Ego plays with our feelings and our conscious mind. It makes us believe that being powerful and having feelings of always being the Winner is the only correct feeling for a business person. To the contrary, that feeling of always being the winner does not allow us to see business opportunities nor the needs of the other party that need to be fulfilled. If we fulfill the needs of the other party, a good transaction may occur and therefore benefit us financially and professionally. It is important to keep our Ego under control so we can manage our businesses in a more balanced manner. Becoming a good listener will help us become a faster thinker. As Entrepreneurs, we are supposed to fulfill a need and if we do not listen carefully, we will not be able to fulfill that need. Many times, when I talk about EGO, people tell me that, for them, it is a must to be in business, especially to be in business for themselves. Well, for me, I would like to say it is important to be CONFIDENT IN YOURSELF. Confidence comes from the Power that is within you and your belief in your knowledge and talent. EGO is something false since it is based on delusion and wishful thinking.

You see, the big difference between EGO and CONFIDENCE is that confidence bears its own weight and truth. Confidence has humility and it’s based on something real. It allows us to relate to others better when we don’t feel insecure or being compared to, or put in the same bed as everyone else.

The reality is that your EGO can really hurt you. But you can manage your EGO with simple, minor changes in your behavior.

How many times do we interrupt others? Just taking the time to not interrupt others and focus on trying to understand them is a great way to manage your EGO. Many times we are thinking about an answer while the other person is talking to us. That means that we are not concentrating on what the other person is saying. Therefore, we are not trying to understand the other person.

Try not to immediately judge when you hear someone talking. Try not to immediately push your ideas. It’s all about taking the time to understand and listen to the other person.

You want to be able to listen and manage your EGO while you try to identify what your EGO is doing to you and your behavior while you interact with others. You have to reflect and practice every day at home, at the grocery store and even at work.

This is not an easy task at the beginning because we are trying to manage something that works like a little voice inside our head telling us or making us feel how GOOD we are or how IMPORTANT we are. But the truth is, sometimes these messages are based on our illusions. So now that we have identified the problem, do we have techniques or exercises to manage or cure the problem?

It is not hard to adopt these techniques if we are serious about altering our behavior. In a way, it’s taking responsibility for something that we are doing that is generating nothing positive to our lives at all.

So, if you want to be successful, let’s rethink your EGO and concentrate on your CONFIDENCE, based in truth, humility and being grateful.

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