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About Us

As specialists in geriatrics for over fifteen years, we realized the need for a magazine that addressed the lifestyles of people over 55. This diverse population is reshaping what it means to mature and grow older.

Compared to our parents, many of us are healthier, better educated and living well into our 80s and beyond! Because our magazine is locally owned and operated, we understand the needs of the community we live in. It is our intent to be an all inclusive magazine and to be sensitive to the needs of all our readers.

South Florida is our home and we are committed to serving our diverse community. In addition, 55+ Magazine offers a Network of professionals dedicated to providing resources and services to the 55 and over Community, helping to achieve and maintain quality of life. We actively support members in developing business relationships within the Network and the community.

55+ Magazine is the most comprehensive resource guide published in Southeast Florida for those fifty-five and over!




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